“you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” — P. Drucker

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Startups dream with investors falling in love with their ideas and pouring the much-needed financial resources to complete their vision. Founders don’t hesitate to put together “pitch decks”, participate in pitch events, competitions and other promotional efforts and to take numerous repetitive conference calls with analysts, associates and partners (in that order). The objective is clear: build conviction on their ventures from investors.

Investors too, take every opportunity to learn about startups. Investors fly thousands of kilometers to meet companies, gladly become panelists in all sort of conferences, write extensive…

Part I Introduction

Part II The GASP Open Source Framework

Part III — The GASP for Predictive Modelling

The GASP framework to standardize data collection

In Part II, we explained the motivation behind the need to standardize the collection of data and how to do it with our GASP open-source framework. The ultimate goal of this framework is to let any investor build their own database of quantifiable startup information. But it doesn’t matter how rich and updated your startup database is, if you only use it to store information and glance at it from time to time then you’re missing half the value you…

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Part I Introduction

Part II — The GASP Open Source Framework

Part IIIThe GASP for Predictive Modelling

In Part I, we started to explain the motivation behind the creation of the GASP. In today’s venture capital world, utilizing data-science to power deal sourcing and assessment is seen by many players as the next technological frontier. But apart from big firms publicizing engineering and data science hires to build their own software, few investors offer a sneak peek of what it actually entails. The ones…

Charlie Munger, 2016

1. The promise of widely available, fast and performing fundraising

Dear founders,

Over the last year, I have been sharing with you PreSeries’ vision for the future of startup fundraising. We believe that a faster, fairer, more widely available, and more efficient fundraising relationship can be obtained if we adopt an increasingly analytical approach.

The debate within the venture capital community is rapidly evolving: it went from completely negating a data-centric approach to engaging in a data-science hiring spree. But still, when it comes to startup deal-sourcing and assessment, legacy systems are still at the center of most VCs’ IT strategies. Let’s change that.

I have the vision of a…

Arturo Moreno

Chief Information Officer @Civitatis, MBA @MIT, Formerly: Co-Founder CEO @PreSeries, @BessemerVP, @Kensho @EshipMIT Practice Leader, President @MITFinTech

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